Thursday, April 27, 2017

Talking about illegal aliens and legal immigration.

I'll write another post on immigration, illegal entry and assimilating into your new country and see how many more sniveling, overly sensitive Hispanics I can piss off! Frankly, at this point, I don't care.

If you have undergone the proper procedures, the interviews, the paperwork and you have a green card and are here legally-welcome to America! Obey our laws, honor our customs and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you are here illegally, I hope they find you and throw your ass and any children you may have breed while you were here out of the country and take measures to see to it you never, ever come back! Don't want to do that to your children, try birth control while you are here. You are breeding them, not us.

If your own country sucks, that's a shame and I hope that when you get back home you will work hard to fix whatever is wrong with your country so it will be the kind of place you and your children want to live and work.

That's what we are doing in America. Trying to fix what is wrong with it. We need to throw your illegal ass out as part of the solution. Nothing personal you understand. Just house cleaning. You weren't invited to be here. Understand? You are trespassing. That is illegal.

Immigrants are here LEGALLY!  Enforcing our laws doesn't make us bad people. If liberals want to live around Mexicans they should move south to Mexico! People who come to the United States to live want to be AMERICANS!  not turn America into a Mexican barrio.

I like tacos and burritos as much as anyone. I want to buy them from someone here legally who has the proper health inspections and washes his hands! To much to ask?


  1. AGREE 100 PERCENT! We have 3/4 latinos/hispanics living here in Reading, PA and the MORONS are actually protesting the laws of ICE and our county/city/state/country on deporting the ILLEGALS! The liberal newspapers INSIST on calling the ILLEGALS by the title of "UNDOCUMENTED" (Political correctness, gotta love it ... NOT!) and REFUSE to call them what they actually are - ILLEGAL ... they use the word IMMIGRANTS. WRONG! Immigrants are here LEGALLY! Illegals are NOT, they are criminals pure and simple!

    The local hispanic businesses here are protesting this Monday because they say they are fighting for the "immigrants." NO, they are NOT protecting immigrants, they are advocating for the ILLEGALS! They are idiots. All they are doing is losing business they normally may have had and looking like the FOOLS they are.

    Have a great day, Mr. Rat! Blessings to you and Mrs. Rat :)

    1. In another 50 years America will be one giant Taco Truck! My country is already gone. It was good while it lasted.....



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