Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 o'clock Post

My thanks to everyone who has been checking out my music and commenting. I associate music with events in my life. When I hear a particular song I recollect  what was happening in my life at the time. So some music can be instrumental in conjuring up vivid memories in my past! Some good, some not so good!

On a practical note the weather is getting hot and the motor in my evap cooler for my shop burned up. I saw it spark while I was standing there! So this morning I went and bought a new one at Lowes. A 389 dollar expense that was not planned or budgeted for! Ouch! If the new one lasts as long as the old one did I will die before it goes bad! ha ha ha

The Mrs. informed me I looked like shit so I shaved off my beard this morning to reveal an incredibly handsome old man underneath! ha ha ha A lot cooler for summer. My poor skin looked like an old shoe!

Try and get my new cooler installed this weekend coming up . I can only work on it a couple of hours in late afternoon to avoid sunburn and heatstroke and death! ha ha The joys of living in the desert. Anyway thanks once again for your support of my blog. I like listening to the music I share with you. If it is here , I like it. Write and tell me what you think. I enjoy hearing from you!



  1. I had to turn on the big AC today. Whoever said Zion was like heaven was full of crap.
    Props to those who can live in hot weather, I am content with rain and clouds 24/7
    Stay cool, don't work too hard :)

    1. It is almost 9 pm and it is still 99 degrees! More humidity that I like. If I had my way it would be so dry your nose would bleed! I am going to work on it in the evening when the afternoon heat starts to go down a little. Shouldn't take to long to get it half way mounted and running. I'll do some nice trim over the weekend.


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