Saturday, May 27, 2017

A deletion and addition

I started to post another video about homeless veterans and took it back down. The problem will not go away because I say something on my blog. Half the time I can't get the respect due another human being much less a disabled veteran so I am not going to contribute anything else. In spite of the fact that the blog is called "two cent's worth", I just don't feel like offering my opinion right now.

I don't want to debate, argue, prove anything, discuss, compare, complain or have my comments interpreted as complaints. I don't want to subject myself to the hateful rhetoric, the lack of understanding, the lack of compassion that my viewpoints seem to generate in others.

I live in pain. Chronic pain. Some days are better than others but not a day goes by I don't hurt. I don't wish to compete with others and play a game of who hurts worse. That makes me very angry. Did I sustain these injuries that cause the pain while in the military. Yes, I did. Do I get compensated by the Veterans Administration for these injuries. Yes, I do.

The truth is I don't want to discuss any of that on this blog. I have been insulted and accused of "false valor" which is a blatant lie. I have stated in the past my military history and I have never claimed to be a "hero" of any kind. I got hurt doing my job. Just like a lot of people in civilian life do. Anyway, I am disgusted that I feel the need to mention this again.

Go "celebrate" Memorial day and remember the lives that were lost so you could get a good deal on furniture and have a barbecue.

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