Monday, May 22, 2017

a few thoughts this morning

I suppose my spiritual journey is no different than anybody else. I have been lost several times, side tracked, delayed, given the wrong directions, missed my connecting flight, over slept.

I prefer to behave like a tourist. Stopping along the way to sight see and witness how others live. What matters most is that you arrive back home safe and sound.

Better to love than hate. Better to laugh than cry. Better to be thankful than complain. Better to be humble than boastful. Better to forgive than carry a grudge. Friends are better than enemies. A calm spirit is always better than anger.

When in doubt, choose goodness.


  1. Can't disagree with anything you said. All very true.

  2. Great thoughts Mr. Rat 💮

  3. Jan and Mary, it is easier said than done I'm afraid! But I do try.....

  4. "When in doubt, choose goodness." Nice one Rat, you should get that printed on a t-shirt!

    1. yes! that would make a good t-shirt.


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