Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Quick Post -Moving On!


There are two kinds of preppers in my opinion. There are those who are wanting a "biblical tribulation" the so called "Christian Patriots". These people are not to be confused with people of genuine faith. The people I am referring to are frothing at the mouth fanatics. They think they are "chosen" and are "warriors for God". In reality they are paranoid schizophrenics who hear voices in their head and think it is God talking to them. They want to overthrow one kind of tyrannical rule and substitute another.

Then there are the common sense folks who see the possibility of economic and social collapse and don't want caught with their pants down when it happens. They want food and water on hand. They want to have an adequate supply of medicine. They want to stay warm and dry in bad weather. They want to be able to defend themselves against criminals wandering the streets. All these are legitimate concerns now days.

If you have ever witnessed the crowds on a Black Friday sale you know that stampedes are dangerous. It is better to have a large supply of provisions on hand ahead of time so you can hunker down and stay at home during the initial few days of turmoil. Turmoil is defined as anything from a bad storm to anarchy. I have enough on hand to stay at home for several months without going to the store if it ever becomes necessary. I would run out of bread but could make ash cakes.

I am not satisfied with my water storage and hope to increase it this year. I also want to catch rain water. I don't know if that is legal here and I don't intend to ask, I'm just going to do it. I own two generators. One in my motorhome and one for the house. I would like to convert the one at the house over to propane so I can hook a 100 lb. bottle to it. Much safer than gas.

Preparing for emergencies is smart. It is the prudent and wise thing to do. Living in fear of an Apocalypse is  really sad. If there is a Doomsday waiting for us down the road, I want every day until that day comes filled with as much happiness and love as I can get.

Be Safe.......


  1. It wise to think a head but I sure don't need to be a Henny Penny. Well my post today was on the favor my mom did not paying for some traffic tickets I got when I was young. It taught me 2 things being responsible and mangeing life in general.
    Those who looking and wanting the rapture to happen they drive me nuts.
    Coffee is on

    1. Being in the company of radicals of any kind is tiresome for sure. Religious fanaticism is used by the ruling class to keep a large segment of unstable people in line. I like to have a few extra cans of beans under the seat of the car in case I break down at in the desert! Not real fanatical, just common sense really.


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