Monday, May 29, 2017

A real post

I think it is important to make the distinction between tolerance and acceptance. I tolerate a lot of things I find personally distasteful. I don't accept them because it is the currently favorable attitude to have. I decide what I approve of and what I don't. Not social convention. Not peer group pressure.  My criteria is varied depending on the subject matter. I am old fashioned in many ways, quite conservative in many ways. I listen to my instincts and accept my dna programming as what's normal. Philosophers refer to this as animal faith.

We run into problems when one group try and force another group to agree or accept a certain behavior or way of life as the "accepted norm". Why is my validation of your behavior necessary? I don't give a damn what you think of mine and yet, my approval and acceptance is important to you? Why may I ask.

I desire to live an honorable life. Integrity is important to me. I absolutely abhor dishonesty and self deceit. Fanatics always want to be accepted. It pains them to think there are those who think their beliefs are asinine or childish. Why does it matter? If you accept a belief as being real and you embrace it and it fulfills your needs in some way then why does it matter what anyone else thinks?

Intellectual freedom is the freedom to think what you want regardless of "public opinion". I don't have to agree with the herd mentality and I certainly don't require the herd's validation of my beliefs. Inside my head, I am free! So are you........


  1. Great post Rat. I've been enjoying the musical flashbacks quite a bit, but this here is the stuff that keeps me coming back. I too tolerate a lot more than I accept but can't understand the overwhelming need to be accepted by others. I do what I do and if you don't like it,fine by me.
    Best wishes ol' buddy! Keep up the great work!
    p.s. - I really appreciate the "gothic" tunes you posted - of course we didn't call it that back when it came out, nevertheless it was great to hear some of those tunes again. A couple more you might be interested in if you dig that sound - Lords of the New Church ("Open your Eyes" was awesome as i recall) and early stuff (like "The Rain" or "Phoenix"} by the Cult.

    Then again, I really dig ZZ too - reminds me of a lot of bar gigs I played in the good ol' days!

    1. I like all kinds of music, except rap. Can't seem to get into it. I especially have developed a real fondness for so called goth music. Unappreciated by the herd unfortunately. Imagine a 66 year old Switchblade Symphony fan?!?!?!?! ha ha ha thanks for coming by, making a comment and understanding where I am coming from... Lots of psychos think I am talking about them and take everything personal. Hard to write a hardcore post without pissing someone off. thanks for being one of the smart ones. I really enjoy your feedback......


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