Thursday, May 11, 2017

Biased thinking versus examining all the facts and making an intelligent decision.

I am motivated to write this particular post by a comment I received earlier which got my goat a little bit. Our problems are about the super rich against everyone else. The super rich and their subordinates run the whole world and the rest of us are just slaves who work to provide for the masters.

Liberals are not the enemy!

Conservatives are not the enemy!

Democrats and Republicans both work for special interests and not for the good of the American people. Both parties work for the elite. The wealthy elite.

As long as they can get us to "dislike" each other they can continue to run the whole world and everything in it.

The super rich wants slaves not free men. They want ignorant people not thinkers. They control all of us with bigotry , political partisanship and religious fanaticism.

I am as free as anyone in this country. More free than most because I am not brainwashed into hating who I am told to hate, I am not brainwashed into blaming who I am told to blame. I don't have to nod my head in agreement every time someone spouts off some hateful rhetoric like it is the gospel. I don't have to swear allegiance to a political platform.

I judge each man by his own merits. I don't label people because I am told to label them. I am the final authority for who I like and who I don't like and I make my own decisions. I weigh all the available facts and I make my own decision as to what to believe or support. I am a registered non partisan voter for example. I will always remain non partisan. I vote for people of integrity (what few there are) several of those are Republicans.

It is disheartening to see people vehemently attack "liberals" and "snowflakes" and assume that they can be lumped together into one herd for easy judgment. It is not that simple. The truth seldom is!

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