Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Debt slaves have bills instead of chains.

Here in America our freedoms are being lost at a record pace. If you do manage to find a way to live that makes you happy the government passes a law to make it illegal. Want to go off grid and build a green house out of recycled materials, jump off the treadmill of the rat race and seek a less materialistic lifestyle? The government will follow you to your homestead and make sure you are living in a code approved dwelling of a certain size, with the proper code enforced utilities hooked up, that you are not catching rain water or using those evil solar panels to provide for your basic needs like lights and a pump. How dare you want to escape the cage of the middle class. You are not paying enough taxes. How un-American? This is a capitalist country . In order to be a good American you have to be a good consumer. You have to spend, spend, spend, and owe, owe, owe. Solar panels? What are you a terrorist?

You get to have hardwood, synthetic laminate floors, stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, a walk in closet the size of a one car garage and a house payment that will see to it you never get out of debt. You buy a house for 250,000 dollars and pay 500.000 in interest! I don't know how you can enjoy such a house knowing in the back of your mind that you are in debt up to your eyeballs and always will be.

Always remember that with the flipping of a few switches, the government can turn off your power, your water, your phone, your internet, the gas pumps the ATM machines. You are trapped like a rat with no where to run! It's against the law to sleep in your car. Do you own a tent or sleeping bag? A manual can opener? Got a radio that has batteries in it?

I know people who live in a converted school bus and they are very happy! The bus and the improvements are paid for and they don't have a mortgage the size of Puerto Rico's national debt hanging over their heads. I'll stop now. One final thought to consider. Instead of using the word debt,
why not call it what it really is:


I would rather be poor than stupid!


  1. Every word you've written is TRUE! Even if you own your home, you don't own it, the government does. How so? Just try not paying taxes on it! Same is true of your car, boat, RV or you name it.
    Rat, this is one of your best postings.

  2. I won't comment if I'm smart or stupid. But I hope I'm not over stating but I have a lot of common sense. Since our elected President Trump got elected I've been watching and hopeful making wiser choices.
    Hubby start some seed for garden and today he rotiled.
    I've always tell my clients. I'm not in debt and I don't need to spend money to make my self happy...Your aloud to yell at me 3 times, everyone needs to blow off steam. But the 4th time I'm gone.
    Now if you hit me. That will be only time. See some people who have care giver actual hits them.

    We live off the grid and there is a different between those who got plenty of money and those who don't. I've seen people who move up here in North Idaho with there big pension and still live a life of luxury with all there dados.
    When we live off the grid. For a while we haul water and then we had a hand pump heat water on propane or wood stove, and got a generator.

    Hope you don't mine me asking could you please send some postive energy this way. My youngest son is having a tumor remove from his brain.

    Coffee is on

    1. Yes indeed MsDora, I wish you and your family all the light and warmth and positive energy that can be focused towards you.

      Some people have it easy and look down on those who are struggling. I have been real poor, homeless in fact. I remember how it was and will never take anything I have for granted. People live beyond their means because they want to keep up with the Jones. I have never been able to do that nor would I want too if I could.

      My best to you and your family during these trying times. You are in my thoughts.

  3. Your points are resoundingly true here. I remember starting a family on minimum wage, working 2 jobs. Minimum wage is now 10 times what it was then but the problems persist --a pernicious parity. Then I joined a union and climbed into a more humane economy. This crazy old farmhouse we bought in 1980 cost about what a new car costs now. I worked like a horse for many years and retired at age 59, 8 years ago. And yet, county codes and sudden changes in laws have kept the tension up. I'm just glad I had this land to raise good people to good ideas, and they are doing the same.

    1. If you pay off your home you are not being a good consumer if you don't go back in debt for something else. Not being in debt equals freedom and we can't have any of that now can we? I wish I had understood the debt/slavery thing when I was younger. I would have spent my time and my money more wisely. My ex wife raised my children and it shows. Greedy, self absorbed, selfish little whiners who go from one drama to the next like a soap opera. I live in self imposed exile. It's more peaceful....

  4. All I can say is "when you're right, your right" Mr. Rat 🐀🐁🐀

    1. someday you will have to tell me how you put those graphics on your comments. very neat.

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    1. I'll save a place for you in the bread line bigfoot! dark days are coming.......


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