Thursday, May 18, 2017

During the campaign he insulted everybody, Now he is getting picked on!

I guess I'll talk about Trump a little bit more. He has recently said that he is the most mistreated President in history! I doubt seriously he knows very much about history. I do know this: He could dish it out with the best of them on the campaign trail and now that he is actually in charge and screwing up in epic proportions he is being "picked on". ha ha ha.

He eliminated a half a dozen Republicans that would have made a better President than him! Weird! Between his almost perverted relationship he has with his daughter, his inability to keep his mouth shut when there is a chance to show off, his unpresidential like behavior, his insistence on going home every weekend to one of his other homes (the White House and Camp David) are not good enough for Trump the list of things causing massive problems just keeps getting longer and longer.

I read today he can't get his junk food while traveling abroad on his Presidential ass kissing trip the MIddle East and he doesn't eat "regular food" so that is presenting a problem as well. It will also be the longest he has gone without playing golf in decades! So we can add "spoiled" to the long list of things I find wrong with our new President.

It is not as simple as partisan politics. I am non partisan. I wanted very much to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and sincerely hoped he would live up to his word. He turned out to be an over glorified used car salesman. He is a con man and his flim flam is not working in the White House.


  1. What I'm seeing President Trump as president Trump as Mr Obama once said is a "Side Show Carnville Barker" and Flim Flam and my first client was also a flim flam.
    He also a bully and I recall in grade school, when we had shots the bullies would be crying the loudest.
    I got my comment over on my blog and Thanks for trying to help me..
    Coffee is on

    1. any time! I mean it. I might not be able to help but I can listen.


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