Tuesday, May 30, 2017

For my friend JL

You were right J, I like it!


  1. Thanks Rat! I haven't heard this in probably 30 years now. Sadly, the lyrics are every bit as true today as they were back then. "...Video games train the kids for war..." If only they'd known how prescient that was. Drones didn't come along (that us lowly citizens knew of anyway)for decades after this song was written, much less all the other high-tech ways we've invented for killing each other since then.

    I was but a kid of 14/15 when this kind of music came out. I used to save all my tips from my job at the Chinese restaurnt I worked at as a dishwasher and every few days I'd pedal myself down to the Tower Records and blow every cent on records. Paychecks were srictly for drum equipment. Hey, I got all the noodles I could eat for free at the restaurant, and I still had a roof to sleep under thanks to my folks and so my entire life revolved around music. I struggled a lot back in those days and this kind of music and the other kids that I met that were drawn to it, turned me into the person I am today. Eyes wide open and fully aware of the bullshit smoke-screen that is always surrounding us.

    Got the ol' brain juices flowing in me Rat... I think I need to have a drink and contemplate for awhile.


    1. I wish I had woke up sooner than I did. I truly believed the bullshit propaganda for years and was always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. It turns out that despite my finest efforts I was cruelly deceived. I am not the naïve trusting man I was 40 years ago. glad you enjoyed my little present. Drink and contemplate! It is good for you.....


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