Monday, May 1, 2017

For the Trolls and the Shit Stains!

People say that being self centered and selfish is bad. We are taught to share in kindergarten. That is probably the earliest form of brain washing to train future liberals!. Why should I share what I have managed to scrape together with some lazy bastard who I don't know?

I paid for my Veteran's compensation with my  pain! If you didn't serve in the military shut your ignorant mouth! Anyone who thinks that VA compensation is a welfare handout can kiss my ass. Not the cheek, get way up in the crack where the shit balls cling to the ass crack hairs and give me a sloppy kiss! Us old people who worked and paid into social security our entire working lives resent the notion that we didn't earn it! We sure as hell did....

I am a kind person in general. I don't want widows and orphans to do without and will gladly contribute to their well being. But big strong lazy good for nothings can starve to death as far as I'm concerned. I mean that! It ain't no wonder we had to beat them to get them to work! Ohhh!!!!!did he say that?

I try and always be kind in my dealings with people. But turning the other cheek is for Christians. I have a tendency to want to beat you into mush when you hit me once! I will try and treat you with kindness but if you insist on being an asshole then I will treat you like an asshole. That seems  reasonable doesn't it?

I haven't been shown the respect a disabled veteran deserves. I haven't been shown the respect an old man deserves. I have as much right to my opinion as you do!  Is that how your parents raised you?

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  1. Glen Filthie the half retarded shit stain from Canada commented. Usual show of disrespect. Just couldn't mind his own business.


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