Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday evening post before the party starts!

In the Book of Revelations it talks about "luke warm" believers. It has occurred to me that I like the phase luke warm because it describes the tepid human beings that have no fire in their soul and are truly the closest thing you can be to a zombie without dying first!

There is no conflict between my attitude towards fanatics of any kind and living hot. White hot! There is a huge difference between selling your soul to a dogma, mouthing the words you are taught to say, living according to someone else's ideals, liking what you are told to like, hating what you are told to hate and living in a white hot pure state of honesty, choosing for yourself what you choose to embrace, to love, to hate.

Only those who choose to live hot can be free. Everyone else accepts the collar and the cage of conformity. The chains forged by concern for others opinions bind the hardest. If your behavior is determined by public opinion, you are a slave. A piteous slave to convention. Zombie human beings are incapable of joy. They can't tear up at the sound of some great music, they can't hold a baby in their arms and celebrate the new life. They can't love with intensity.

The problem with white hot fire is it burns out rather quickly sometimes. I would rather live with life burning me up from the inside for one day then walk around in a slowly decaying shell for a century. If television wanted to portray zombies realistically they would have them staggering around saying " I want to feel".

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