Monday, May 15, 2017

I am adding things to my to do list quicker than I'm getting them done!

This is an illustration of putting the cart before the horse!

I don't know if I can express this in a way that everyone will understand but I'll try. It is not the work at hand that overwhelms you. It is the mental list of crap you got to do someday that makes you tired.

Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan ahead a little. You need to have materials on hand to work at something without unnecessary delays. You need to dig the hole before you mix the concrete. Planning is one thing. Being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the "to do list" will make you tired before you even get started!

Looking ahead is great if you are walking and don't want ran over by a car or something. I drive myself about half crazy thinking about what I got to do next week! Those of you who know me pretty well knows I can't really afford to get any more crazy! ha ha ha ha 

I am trying to teach myself to deal with what's in front of me. Slowly but surely one thing will get done and then another and at the end of the day you can look and say OK! Good productive day!
Maybe it is my age catching up with me. I don't want to think about next month or next year. I want to concentrate on maybe now-to-bedtime! If I wake up alive tomorrow, I'll do the same thing again..

Does anyone of you share this problem?


  1. I usually do things as they come up and I really hate putting things off. But a couple of weeks ago I tripped on a step and fell down pretty hard. I broke a toe, sprained 3 other toes, sprained my elbow, bruised a couple of ribs and scraped up my knee which swelled up so bad I had to be put on antibiotics because the doc thought I might have an infection in my leg. So to say I haven't been able to get up and get around too easily lately and get things done is an understatement and it's been driving me batty.

    1. I have experienced broken toes! sorry. I think we all get anxious about our chores. But I know I toss and turn at night sometimes because I feel so "behind". You know?

  2. I have the same problem and think it's a way to deal with my anxiety. I mean I tend to cram in as much as I can because I don't want to miss out but this tends to ruin things. Sometimes instead of just enjoying myself I wonder what I'm missing out on. I want to make the rest of my life as rewarding as possible but this is not the way to do it.

    I've decided to schedule in plenty of time to do what I enjoy and not what's on my to-do list. I still have a list so I don't have to worry about losing out or forgetting something important but I leave plenty of time to just do whatever comes up.

    There's a free to-do program that's sort of funny called "Do It (Tomorrow)". It has two pages. One is for today the other is for tomorrow. Whatever you don't finish today is automatically moved to tomorrow. I'm going to try it out again. Here's the link: . You have to copy it and paste it to the search bar or just type in the name "do it tomorrow"

  3. I used to but now I just write the chore on the chore list. When I finish the current chore, I look at the list and choose another. Then ignore the list until the latest chore is finished. I had to start the lists because at nearly 71 I cannot recall the chores on the list without reading them on the list. And YEP many of them will never get done so that shows how really important they are.

    1. I'm starting to forget stuff. Maybe I can forget what I have to do and then I won't have to do it!


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