Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

I am taking a break to mourn and acknowledge the fallen who gave their lives in defense of our Great Country. Their lives were not sacrificed in vain as long as Our Great Nation stands. Memorial day is becoming a three day weekend, a barbecue, the start of summer, a time to take advantage of great sales and so many things that have nothing to do with the lost lives that have been offered willingly on the altar of freedom. We would do well to remember the price that has been paid repeatedly so Our great Nation can remain the Land of the Free. We are losing those freedoms one by one. Each day our Freedom erodes away a little bit more. Think about that while you enjoy your barbecue.

For those who came home in a flagged draped box or were laid to rest on foreign soil. May your sacrifice not ever have been in vain.


  1. Just me here remembering friends lost, honoring them, and prayers up for their families.

    1. thank you for commenting. Every year I pause and think about the friends I lost, the family. good hearing from you. My best to you and yours....


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