Thursday, May 11, 2017


When ask if the deficit would increase initially if his tax plan is put into action President Trump said "at first, a little. It is necessary to prime the pump". Regardless of how long that expression has been in use and regardless of the fact that Trump seems to think he invented it I just have to ask:

When we did the exact same thing with Reagan did Reagan "Prime the pump". The reason I ask is the deficit continued to grow under Reaganomics until the National debt doubled in size! Reagan's economic policies increased the National debt worse than any other President ever! But miraculously  Trump seems to think he can do the same thing and have a different result.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that if you spend enormous sums of money on "your grand dream" and don't take in sufficient revenue to pay for it somehow the end result is massive debt! Sorry, Mr. Trump. Somebody has to pay for this stuff and the only people who have money are the RICH

Reaganomics destroyed the Middle Class! It created the One Percent!

Yes, for about the millionth time, Reagan created jobs. But he created jobs with borrowed money not rich peoples money. The rich kept their money. The rich made a ton of money off Reaganomics and didn't even have to pay for any of the money borrowed. It is about to happen again! It won't work. The rich will get even richer and the country will go deeper and deeper in debt.

What do you call it when you do something over and over and expect a different result: Oh! that's right!        INSANITY

Trump's plan is a repeat of Reagan's. It will cause massive deficits, not just at first but long term. If we don't tax the rich soon there IS NO HOPE OF RECOVERY! 

Half of a Gazzillion dollars is still a shit pot full of money! They can afford it! They are just greedy!


  1. There isn't good news 💰 wise or otherwise with who is in charge now and that's the truth of it!!!

    1. It has never been a good idea to put a fox in charge of the hen house!


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