Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pretty soon they will Make common sense illegal!

I'll say this for President Trump. He has some beautiful grandchildren and his youngest boy is a handsome young fellow. He obviously loves them a great deal. So I can't understand why you would want to undue what little progress had been made to save the environment in favor of a few more bucks.

One thing his grandchildren and ours have in common is they all need air to breath, water to drink, nutritious food to eat and a peaceful environment in which to grow. They need a quality education. Don't even get me started down that avenue.

I agree that nuclear power is dangerous as hell and you live with your mistakes for millennium. But how can you find fault with wind power and solar and geothermal. I have  two solar panels on the roof of my motorhome. A couple of golf cart batteries hooked together to make 12 volts. A 2000 watt inverter connected to the batteries. When I need to drill something or cut something I would just plug in to the inverter and Presto! magic electricity would be provided by the sunshine! I could do this anywhere! What is the down side to that. Some rich bastard can't figure out a way to charge you for sunshine so it's evil. Better to burn coal and oil and pump toxic gases out into the air so they can make 10 cents a kilowatt for the electricity made the dirty way.

When I was growing up we drank water out of the hose bib outside. NO one died. Now water can't be trusted so you have to buy water in little bottles to drink! They call that progress with a straight face.

Rich people hate self sufficiency. They want you to have to buy everything from them. Hell, you got to pay to flush your turds down the drain. My sewer connection costs 119 dollars a year! But composting toilets are illegal. Can't have people processing their own poop into something useful and not wasting all that water! The sewer people wouldn't get their 119 dollars every year. I can just imagine how my oleanders would grow with some Mohave Rat composted/shit put around them!

Friends we need to quit bickering among ourselves and start insisting that the government embrace a brand new concept: COMMON SENSE...............


  1. Hello again, dear Rat! I agree that common sense is in very short supply these days. Glad to see your blog is still alive and kickin'!


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