Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shoot them in the Wallet!

When Martin Luther King was just a civil rights leader concerning himself with "black issues" he was left alone by the elite. When he expanded his roll to include all the poor and disenfranchised he became a real threat to the status quo and suffered assassination. Any time someone brings about "unity" they basically sign their own death warrant.

Imagine what would happen if the Republicans and the Democrats got together for the good of the country, ignored special interest groups, lobbyists, campaign contributors, Wall Street and just did what they were elected to do, represent the people?

Imagine blacks and whites realizing that fighting each other is what the global elite masters want and that uniting together to fight the giant corporate interests would be taking the fight to the enemy!

The rich are the enemy! Not just here in America but all over the world. People talk about acquiring AR-15's as a deterrent to government oppression. You can't combat nuclear and biological weapons with rifles! You can defend yourself against looting and societal breakdown but fighting a tyrannical government in a conventional way is impossible. Guerilla warfare is the only way to combat superior forces who have you "out matched". I have often written about the scenario where a black helicopter flies over late at night, sprays some gas  and you wake up naked in a cage! So much for your glorious patriotic, going out in a blaze of glory battle!

It is the rich against the poor. The rich have to hide what they are doing because they can't afford to be discovered. If the slaves ever realize the real truth of what is going on the game is over. The rich have to keep us fighting among ourselves in order to maintain control.

What happens if we forsake the world economy and start our own. We have already! The Underground Economy is alive and well and being used by millions. I will write more about that in future posts!

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