Saturday, May 13, 2017

Smoke and mirrors- How to lie with a straight face.......

You would think that someone as smart as me would have figured out by now that there will always be small minded little men who are scared of the vast unknown and must confine themselves to narrow little points of view that makes them feel safe.

There will always be whiners who throw a fit about their rights and don't give a damn about yours. I have struggled with this blog for about the last 6 months. I started to quit it several times, I considered going over to the dark side and allowing my anger and frustration to swallow me. IN the end I decided to write what I wish and petty little minds who can't or won't acknowledge that my opinion is just as valid as theirs can just get angry and with any hope at all, have a debilitating stroke. Perhaps that will calm them down.

The Federal Reserve is over 100 years old. The country has not been a Republic in over a century . It is not a democracy either. We are an oligarchy. We are owned. When the International Bankers got their claws into our financial system America " The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" ceased to exist! Wars are revenue generators and have nothing to do with freedom. It's about money!

Elections are held at the federal level to give you the illusion of freedom. If voting had anything to do with the selection Bernie Sanders would have won the democratic nomination and could have given Trump a run for his money. Instead it was the outcome the super rich wanted. They now have this pompous 70 year old "businessman" trying to fake it in the most important of government jobs. He doesn't know what he is doing and it is becoming more and more obvious everyday. Building resorts and golf courses does not qualify you to run the most powerful country in the world.

The super rich will get their tax cuts. The super rich will get their deregulation. The only think trickling down to us poor slobs will be more bullshit, more excuses, more blame. The "followers" will blindly follow just like always. The government will continue to be the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex. Some good hard working farmer/registered Republican will send his son off to war in the middle east and proudly declare he is defending our freedom!

The reality is the young man is a pawn in a global game of chess. The goal of the game is world domination and increased revenue. Freedom? That's just something we slaves sit around and talk about. None of us know what it really is! Does anyone have a comment or thought they would like to share?


  1. Several.

    A. You have a home, an RV, a handsomely appointed shop, a garden, and judging from your picture, tons of good food - none of which you currently pay for. What, exactly, are these eeeeeeeevil super-rich depriving you of, and what more do you need?

    B. By contrast, your grandsons have to pay for more for their educations than you ever did, housing is four times more expensive now than it was when you were their age, and they are fully expected to pay for your lavish retirement and expensive healthcare and benefits ... And can't afford homes or families of their own. If you want to incite a class war, it would make far better sense to wage it against free loaders and parasites like yourself rather than their president. If you haven't heard - Trump is at least making an effort to get them jobs so they can pay your bills.

    C. The rag heads of ISIS and their yodelling Islamic mutts flew perfectly good airplanes, loaded with Americans - into the twin towers of New York. They've been slowly collecting the means and weapons to wage wars involving WMDs and have used the smaller ones on their own people. Every second dune coon over there is promising to use them against America, Europe, and Isreal. All of the forgoing is a matter of public record. And you sit there, safe in your house as these animals behead toddlers and tell me they are no threat, that any wars we get into with them are only to the benefit of the eeeeeeevil Rich people. Riiiiiight.

    D. Supposedly you're a military vet, and got an honourable discharge ... And you chatter about the eeeeeevil military industrial complex. I think you're probably a shyster and a poseur. What did you do in the military? Count mess tins and shuffle paper? Any number of real vets have come back from Afghanistan and Iraq missing limbs... And none of them bitch like you. And most are proud, strong men that make no secret of their pride in their country and their comrades, and would willingly do it again.

    E. None a my business... But I think maybe you should give up blogging and take with Buddhism or Shintoism or whatever you were doing. Ya might also consider bumping up the meds and stop blaming shadowy super villians for your unhappiness. You were doing good there for awhile.

    Hey - you asked for comments, you old fart. Can you respond in a semi-coherent, civilized manner?

    1. I have covered this many times but I'll state again since you ask so nice. I was in the United States Air Force from 1970 to 1976. I was an aircraft maintenance specialist. (electrical systems) I reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. I worked primarily on F-4 Phantoms. My overseas duty was in Europe, not Southeast Asia.

      As far as military vets not bitching! I don't know where you get your information but I know plenty of veterans who feel pretty much the same way I do. I belong to the Disabled Veterans and the American Legion and I would guess I know more American veterans than you do.

      I am not convinced the twin towers were brought down by terrorists. Yes, I am one of those conspiracy nuts. I have watched to many buildings get imploded living in the Las Vegas area not to tell a controlled demolition when I see one. I take responsibility for my own happiness and don't blame anyone for anything. I earned my retirement and I don't have to justify that to you or anyone.

      We could be friends Glenn but you are convinced that I am your enemy because we disagree. I am entitled to my opinion. I am entitled to express my opinion on my blog. I don't go to your blog. I don't read your blog. To be perfectly honest, I don't really care what you think. Why do you find it necessary to come here? What branch of the Canadian military were you in? I knew a lot of Royal Air Force guys who were terrific guys.

      That's enough of a semi'coherent civilized response.

  2. Not defending Trump here...but our last 8 yr Pres was a "community organizer" and then first term Senator. Zero experience, but looked like a cool cat, and a slick talker.

    1. You are absolutely right! I tried to give Obama the benefit of the doubt early on, but when he said "Trayvon could have been my son" I lost all respect for him. He chose sides and a good President should be impartial in my opinion. Last President I liked was Eisenhower! ha ha ha

  3. "The government will continue to be the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex."
    Perfectly said Rat. I've never heard it put that way, but you nailed it.

    p.s. - glen is a cunt and you shouldn't waste your time on him. As my mother used to say, he needs to take along walk off a short pier. Keep doing what your doing the way YOU see fit. Let him rot in his own bile.


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