Monday, May 22, 2017

Some afternoon thoughts

Now that the Mrs. has been to the lung doctor, I stopped and got Panda Express to bring home and we dropped off the prescriptions for her allergy medicine I am home with the fan blowing on me full blast trying to drink down a glass of cold tea!

I have also been exposed to Monday Mohave traffic and have resisted the temptation to run someone off the road, drag them out of their car and beat them till I have a heat stroke. Dumb with a Capitol D and Slow with a Capitol S. My morning thoughts are of being "nice" and my afternoon thoughts include "manslaughter" and "road rage". Typical day for me I guess.

Some people might call it Bipolar. I just think I change my mind a lot. ha ha ha ha I do know that I find it easier to be mean. Nice seems so Icky! Nice would be a lot easier if most people weren't assholes! Oh, well. Made it back home without getting arrested. A successful day I suppose.....I am reminded of something my grandma used to say: "most people ain't worth the powder and the lead it would take to put them out of their misery!". Today I agree...

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