Saturday, May 6, 2017

The herd is to crowded for me!

I have watched while gay people have strived to gain acceptance in the mainstream. I have watched blacks struggle to be accepted into a culture that doesn't want them. Sorry? It seems that minorities of all kinds want to gain political power in order to garner acceptance. Why?

I am not very well accepted and I have never been bothered much by it. I have my own views, my own thoughts, I don't follow trends or even pretend to be a card carrying member of the herd. I don't bother anyone and in return wish to be left alone. I have my garden, shop, music and books. My blog satisfies my need for conversation. I do love the comments.

You have to ask yourself, why does being accepted matter that much to you. Why do you seek the validation of people who don't like you? Why bother? Do they have something you desire. Respectability perhaps? Why do you need that? Do you respect yourself? Why isn't that enough?

Yes, I understand that there is comfort to be found in the herd. But there are sacrifices that must be made as well. Members of the herd must accept the herd "dogma". They must nod their heads up and down in quiet agreement whenever dogma is uttered. Good herd members don't question anything, they accept what they are given and our thankful.

Is the comfort of the herd worth sacrificing your integrity over? What if you disagree? I am not a herd animal. I tried, I really did. But when I am ask for my opinion, grab a hold of something and hang on because you are going to get MY opinion. Not the Herd's opinion. Not the "popular" opinion. Not the acceptable opinion. My opinion. I am so free, I can even change my mind once in awhile if I want too!


  1. Hi Mr. Rat.

    I do have my opinions about things and there are times that I will express them and there are times that I will change my mind. I could never belong to a herd. I am neither a leader nor a follower. I may watch from a distance just to be aware of what is going on and then move off on my own and seek my own council...or take a nap, which ever comes first 😊
    You and Mrs. Rat have a lovely evening~

    1. Yes indeed! Why have a brain if you are going to just nod like a bobble head! ha ha ha ha I think! I weigh the pros and cons, then decide. Sometimes I am wrong but I take responsibility for my own choices. It is good to hear what you think! I enjoy your comments so much!


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