Friday, May 19, 2017

The two party system will be the undoing of America!

I realize that if sensible people are the enemies of fanatics then another group of equally insane fanatics are surely going to be considered enemies. This describes our 2 party system I fear. "What's good for America" would be a good rallying cry if a spirit of cooperation  were possible. I think it is hopeless to be blunt. The animosity between the liberals and the conservatives has festered so long and is now a permanent scar.

Both sides would rather see the country destroyed than have it become the opposite of their core values. So what to do, what to do? Look out for number one seems like the only prudent thing to do when those around you are determined to self implode. Keep a low profile. take care of your own business. Plan for emergencies. Keep a watchful eye on events unfolding around you.

Watch carefully when one group tries to advance their agenda. Gays for instance have taken a back seat recently and Trump's Presidential Flub ups are now center stage. Of course, there is never adequate coverage of Afghanistan (longest war in our history). The elite are continuing with their long range plan of world domination and control. The destruction of the United States as a world power is at the center of their plan and it is going according to schedule.

NO point being sad. It is what it is. Freedom is realizing you don't have to buy what they are selling. You don't have to be part of the herd. You can choose your own way.

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