Thursday, May 11, 2017

There is always plenty of work!

Perhaps it is because I don't have a farming bone in my body that I feel the way I do. I like to garden and grow things but I do not want to milk goats and make my own cheese. I would rather go and buy the cheese from someone who milked the goats and made the cheese or perhaps trade some labor for it or something I repaired.

I do some carpentry, plumbing and electrical. I don't roof any longer because my knees won't hold up to ladders any longer and I get dizzy more than I used too! But I don't think it is necessary to build anything higher than a loft area anyway. I used to fix microwaves in my shop and sell them cheap or give them away to those who needed one.

We must be practical in our choices. Living cheap means you don't need a 25 dollar an hour fulltime job. You can earn less because you need less. That doesn't mean you "must" reduce your income or your lifestyle. I say this for people who are killing themselves trying to live the American dream and it has turned into the American nightmare instead. I have worked for minimum wage and I have also earned 25 dollars an hour and found both jobs to be stressful. I started having anxiety attacks working on aircraft! I was going to have a heart attack if I had kept at it. I like two jobs. I liked janitorial work and I liked handyman work. Being a handyman was slower paced, it was peaceful for the most part. Many times I would get paid cash! Sometimes I would get invited to lunch! Being a janitor was usually at night and I could listen to my music while I worked, take breaks when I wanted and didn't have anyone following me around.

I worked cheaper than "licensed" contractors so I helped the poor people who couldn't afford the higher priced repairman get repairs made, I made a few dollars and the underground economy did what it is supposed to! Figure out what you like to do. Let it be known that you are available to work part time. Charge a fair wage but don't get greedy. Make friends instead of customers. Don't be afraid to sweat!  Don't be afraid to get dirty! It washes off! You can survive cutting grass for old people if you are willing to work.


  1. You are right, there is plenty of work for people who want to work.
    The trouble is the brain dead liberal brats and freeloaders don't want to work. They want the Riiich Peeeople to give them money so they can stay with mummy and daddy and stay stoned all day long.

    1. I am the father to three pretty liberal brats. One became a Respiratory Therapist, One is an Engineer and the third is a Quality Control Inspector for a major medical device company. My stepson who is also a pretty liberal brat works for the State of Idaho as a systems analyst. My older boys went to college after they got out of the military. The argument could be made that liberal children are usually poor and grow up with a very well defined work ethic. Mine did. Of course, their parents are white. Many of my grandchildren have graduated from college as well and are pursuing worthwhile careers. None of them are registered Republicans to my knowledge.


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