Friday, May 12, 2017

Who is trying to kill what's left of Dixie?

Well folks, once again one group of people have gotten their way at the expense of another group and they have labeled it "progress". Taking down civil war statues to appease the whiners while never taking the feelings of anyone else into consideration is the kind of so called "freedom" I am trying to explain in my posts.

You can't change the past because you don't like it.  You can't change people's attitudes with another god damned law! It is not freedom when one group gets discriminated against at the expense of another.

You can't pass a law that will make me like you if I don't!

I am so sick and tired of these whiners wanting concessions made at the expense of others. I am southern. My family came to the Virginia Colony in 1677 and we have been here ever since. I lot of people don't know that Kentucky used to be part of the Virginia colony until it was annexed in 1792. My family has lived there over 300 years. 1977 marked 300 years in America.

Southern blood was spilled under this flag. There are many of us who are proud of our heritage and feel like suddenly we are the "bad guys" because southern pride has become "politically incorrect". I know a lot about my family's history and I am proud to be part of them. I am proud to be southern. What about the rights of those who hold this flag and the statues being removed in high regard? One group gets what they want at the expense of another group and the law is supposed to eliminate discrimination. What a crock of Bull Shit!

What it does instead is separate and divide. Cause more resentment and anger. Bring up old wounds. Stir shit up that should be left alone and in the past. If you are so stupid you can't tell the difference between Southern Pride and White Power then you need to go back to school.


  1. Agree 1000%. North Carolina "Tarheel" here.

    1. The South knew that trying to run the whole country from Washington D.C. was a mistake and history has proven them right! 150 years later and we are still arguing about "states rights".


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