Monday, May 8, 2017

wish I was young again so I could know everything

I don't understand some of these ultra conservatives at all. Are you supposed to work till you die? Isn't raising the retirement age to 70 tantamount to the same thing? What about disabled people? A burden on society? What is the plan for dealing with that, some gas chambers? What kind of Nazi thinking does it take to come up with some of these plans?

Don't old people have value? Don't we have a lifetime of experiences and lots of mistakes and a few successes to reference when asked? Somehow it has been decided that on a certain day an old person wakes up stupid! I am not sure what day that is but I'm sure I am passed it already. No one wants to hear what I think except my blog readers. My children treat me like I am brain damaged? So they continue to fail and get divorced and go bankrupt and suffer needlessly. If they sought my advice and more importantly followed my advice they wouldn't make so many mistakes. Mistakes I have already made and learned from.

Of course, I am not "fun". I want to live within your means. Save for a rainy day. Not go into debt, especially credit card debt. Not waste money on the latest gadgets. Take care of what you already have. Work at something that doesn't make you sick. Cut down on stress, take some time to just relax and count your blessings.

Learn to think for yourself and not listen to the "experts". Do everything in moderation. Learn to forgive but never forget. Be aware and be alert. Don't be quick to trust.

See...Stupid advice. Who would want to follow any of that? Certainly not young people, they know everything.


  1. I'm sure I knew everything there was to know when I was young Mr. Rat... I just can't remember what it all was :)
    At one time, especially in First Nation Tribes, the elderly were cared for and treated with love and respect. The younger ones wanted to hear their advice. Their stories.
    I can't even begin to talk politics or government anymore. I am to sick of the lies with no thought of helping "our sick, our tired, our poor!"
    As Red Skelton once said "money talks but all mine ever says is goodbye!!!"
    Hang in there Mr. Rat...take comfort in the fact that if Trump doesn't become king of the USA, he'll be gone in four years back to his billions in his world of "I can't and I don't do anything wrong!" 💰💰💰

    1. It is interesting how a post mentioning Nazis and immaturity somehow leads to Trump. ha ha ha ha

  2. . I work with the mental ill and they do they same thing over and over and wonder why there life is a mess.
    There a few who credit this saying...A Sign of insanity doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different out coming.
    I just read a few article about people who happier in life. One thing there more adaptble in life. I have a friend who got in trouble with credit cards and she still handle her money the same way and she got her self in a mess
    Well for people I work with one thing I always give them a hug when I leave.
    Coffee is on

    1. is there a difference between mentally ill and stupid? Seems the outcome is the same either way?

  3. Excellent post. I have never seen the problem presented so succinctly: "Somehow it has been decided that on a certain day an old person wakes up stupid!" There used to be an honorable place for elders in society --derived from the best of tribalism-- as advisors and story-tellers apart from whatever commercial influences other news bowed to. I worked like a horse for 40 years, did only one or two things right financially and was able to retire 8 years ago at age 59. My take on the contemporary superfluity of elders is identical to yours. I called in old one morning; I didn't call in stupid. We come, you and I, from a more humane economy --unions hadn't sold out and old contracts were honored. Maybe that's the operative word here, honor.

    1. yes my friend, honor, integrity. Lost values.........


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