Monday, June 5, 2017

A Real Post Written by ME ! ha ha ha

As I have previously stated I have been real busy lately. I work a couple of hours and then have to take the rest of the day off to recuperate! That's just how it is when your knees are bad, your hips are bad and you have to climb up 3 rungs on the ladder to get to the work.

Next week the Mrs. goes to the dentist again! argghhhh   I would like to hurt this dentist. He knows how I feel about him. I sat in his chair once and haven't been back since. My wife thinks he is great! Another reason to hurt him real bad! But I tolerate him and spend time next door at the coin shop while he tortures my wife and then charges me hundreds of dollars!

Time for an expensive trip to Sam's Club t restock the shelves for another year , maybe 6 months on certain items. The economy didn't collapse, western civilization didn't fall, no Armageddon, no apocalypse, But it is time to fill the shelves back up and move the old stuff to the front and put the fresh to the back! Nothing worse than not having can goods on hand. A freezer full of meat! I don't mind going for eggs and milk and bread once a week or so but I want plenty of frozen, precooked hamburger patties on hand so I can microwave me a cheeseburger in about 3 minutes if I want one! Same with precooked chicken breasts!

Some people are having a hard time finding my "real posts" from all the music I've been posting! Sorry. I can post 10 hours of musical selections and then go take care of chores! It keeps my blog moving and I get stuff done so it has been real helpful especially lately. I'll probably slow back down soon when I get a couple of things finished.

I am going to continue posting my views of the Trumpster! Giant disappointment for sure! I think taking better care of our environment is important. I grew up around a filthy stinky steel plant that pumped out stinking pollution 24/7. I thought snow was grey until I was 20 years old and saw white snow for the first time! A town of 30,000 people with 50 cancer doctors! Coal miners can learn how to do something else if it will clean up the air a little. Sorry! Jobs are important but so is breathing!


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