Thursday, June 1, 2017

a real post written by me!

I wish I could post something interesting but I am struggling to work in this premature heat. Moving slow is not real productive. I can't think of anything I want to say right now. I don't give a damn about Trump or the return to 1980. I have no children or grandchildren to raise, the only chickens I like to have around are fried and laying next to mashed potatoes, I own 5 guns and doubt I'll buy any more.

I don't have anything to talk about that is worth me typing it! I go down to my reading list and I swear everyone is saying the same thing they said the last time I checked. Yes, I am aware that the downfall of western civilization is imminent if it hasn't already started. Yes, I am aware Hillary is still making excuses and could bore paint off a fence post with the same shit over and over.

When I develop an interest on what the Kardashians are doing I will kill myself. Bruce Jenner apparently is behaving like a bitch! which is the closest he will ever come to being a woman! Sorry, that's my opinion of the whole thing.

So I'll pick out some more music I guess. It has been a big hit. More and more people are listening to my selections and commenting. Oh one thing of note: that obnoxious bitch Kathy Griffin finally went to far and got fired from CNN's New years eve show with Anderson Cooper. Hoorah! She lost several bookings and endorsements and is seen without makeup, apologizing her ass off in the hopes of salvaging her pathetic career. Don't fuck with Trump! He is the President at least for now and you can't disrespect him to much without risking backlash! She has been pushing the envelope for a long time and now she went to far! ha ha ha ha ha

That's all for now. Back to playing music.

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