Sunday, June 11, 2017

Announcement! Cutting back hours!

I have decided to no longer post 24 hours a day! To much work for to little response. I will still do a song every now and then, but not round the clock! I will post things of interest (to me!) and of course my rants. Thanks for your continuing support! Places to Go, People to See! Projects to finish. A Life to Live!


the Rat


  1. It was a fun experiment & a wide range of music. I thought you were teaching yourself a new career as a DJ!

    1. An experiment was all it was really. It is easy to get 1100 hits a day if that's all you want to do! It doesn't even matter the content so long as you keep posting. A few of you enjoyed the music enough to comment so that was good.

  2. So glad we're past the music fad. Enjoy your written posts much better.!!


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