Friday, June 23, 2017

Another one of my stories

Siren Piper moved to town on a rainy weekend. Her blouse got real wet and the men in the neighborhood were drawn to her like children to candy. She was beautiful for sure. An athletic build yet soft and curvy in all the appropriate places. Long black hair, dark hazel eyes and a full pouty mouth added to her already abundant sexuality.

She didn't flirt. At all, not even a little. She knew full well the effect her appearance had on men but didn't seem interested in using it to her advantage. She wanted to pay the high school  age boys who helped her unload her van. She didn't react to their obvious nervousness and discomfort being around her. She was nice. Polite. Serious. A modest length skirt and a buttoned up blouse that was not to tight were examples of her trying to not arouse anyone.

Somehow the women in the neighborhood didn't seem threatened by her. She didn't come across like a "loose" woman who would prey on married men. The neighborhood women seems almost sorry for her because they understood that her beauty was a handicap of sorts. NO one takes a beautiful women seriously, the hormones get in the way.

She had lived and fixed on the old house for about 3 months when the first disappearance happened. Old Joe the local handyman just suddenly wasn't around. His truck was parked in the driveway of his house. No one noticed right away because he lived alone but after a few days he was missed. The police thought he might have had a stroke or heart attack and by laying somewhere needing help because he was very old so the whole town turned out to look for him. He was never found!

No one knew what Siren Piper did for money. She never went to work locally and yet always paid her bills on time. She spent most of her time at home or at back in her garden. The local gossips thought she might be a writer or perhaps had a small inheritance  which provided for her needs. She didn't join in most of the communities activities: church rummage sales or charity drives. Siren Piper had managed to go unnoticed since moving into the run down house at the end of the street.

School started and people changed from summer activities to thinking about fall. Thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. The weather turned chilly one day and stayed that way. Ms Piper seemed to get excited for the first time since moving to the area when  the first of October signaled Halloween's approach. She had men come and decorate her yard with skulls and bones and tomb stones and cobwebs and all kinds of scary stuff. A bloody corpse hung from the huge elm tree in her front yard. Her house went from old and rundown to creepy and potentially haunted. Sounds were heard coming from there and for the first time since moving in, the neighborhood had started paying attention to Ms Piper again!

Her manner of dress changed too! She now wore black leather mini skirts with fish net stockings and very tall heels. The blouses had gotten tighter and unbuttoned for effect. Dark eye shadow and ruby red lipstick added to the overall transformation and the locals started talking!

10 days before Halloween the flyers went up and the ad appeared in the newspaper. Giant Halloween Party was to held at Ms Piper house starting at sundown Halloween night. There would be refreshments and food served and the whole neighborhood was invited. . In spite of the fact that most of the locals didn't quite know what to make of this pretty woman who suddenly had sprang to life and come alive but one thing was for sure- you couldn't have kept them away from that party at gun point.

The night of the party came and even the Reverend showed up! The food looked and tasted like it had been professionally catered. Everything was delicious. There were activities for the younger children, the teenagers and adults seemed to be having a good time. Ms Siren was at her best. Absolutely beautiful! Charming and alluring and flirty for the first time. She laughed at the feeble attempts to flirt with her and gently touched each man on his arm or shoulder innocently .

The next morning when people didn't show up for work and no one answered their phone the police came and discovered that  an entire neighborhood in town was deserted. There was an investigation but no one was found and an explanation was not to be had. They read the flyers about the party and went to investigate. They found nothing. No decorations, no food tables, no trash, no lights strung up. No corpse in the tree.  No signs a party had every taken place.

The following year in a town a few hundred miles away a beautiful woman moved into a rundown house on a rainy day. She had an old man with her who was freakishly strong for his age and he helped with the heavy boxes. He answered to " Old Joe".

the end............


  1. You sure can tell a good story. So she's a vampire or something, right?

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not Stephen King but I have fun with it! thanks....

  3. Engaging story! You have a gift, a skill I admire.

    1. thank you! That means a lot coming from you! I have story ideas all the time but have only recently started writing them down.


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