Sunday, June 18, 2017

Be Cool!

It was like 117 degrees today! 2 percent humidity. Needless to say, I stayed indoors most of the afternoon and didn't go outside till after dark. UV was dangerously high also so skin cancer in addition to heat stroke is a real concern. I don't use sunscreen. I would wear long sleeves if I had to be out in the sun working.  I use a hat with a cloth around the bottom to protect my neck if I must do something during the heat of the day. It's supposed to be 123 degrees on Tuesday. Dangerous? Yes!

It is a 100 degrees right now and it is 11:30 pm.

Shade is King! I have put shade all the way around my house. Two trees in front are covering the windows, Awnings on the sides and the back. Solar screens on all the windows and the roof is coated white to reflect the heat. I have fans blowing, circulating the air around and we are quite comfortable, usually.

If you are hydrated your pee should be clear-light yellow. 

Every year I say the same thing. Move slow, drink all the water you can hold, see if your pee is clear or light yellow. If you can't walk on it barefoot neither can your dog or cat! Run the hose a few minutes before you point it at someone or a pet. The first few minutes the water is hotter than your shower! Watch out for each other. Cover up. Shade shade shade! IF there is some stand in the shade. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV burn which can cause blindness. A wet bandanna around your neck will help. If you have access to extra water pour some on your head. Tans are nice, sunburn isn't. When the UV is high you start to burn in as little as 5 minutes.


Don't hike in heat like I'm talking about. Don't exert yourself between noon and 5pm, the peak hours. If you are stranded somewhere, stay quiet and stay in the shade. Drink water, not tea or coffee or energy drinks or soda pop. Water! Most of those others are diuretics and will make you pee.

be safe,


  1. It's hotter where you are than it is where I'm at in Las Vegas. Supposed to be 116 here tomorrow. Planning on staying inside as much as possible.

    1. Down here in Laughlin we are normally 5 degrees hotter than Vegas. When it is this hot, 5 degrees don't matter that much! ha ha ha


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