Thursday, June 15, 2017

Four legged Friends

I have written about this in the past but it's time to bring it up again. When I see someone kick a dog it is all I can do not to go over to them and slap the stupid off them! Let me tell you something, any one who kicks dogs will kick children and hit women. Now I could write 20 paragraphs about the psychology of the abusive person, talk about how they got to be that way and all that crap! It doesn't matter because we can't fix it any way.  Nothing can be done. (Except of course, put them out of their misery which is illegal)

Now I eat meat! I like meat! Some animals are delicious! I am not talking about killing animals for food. I am talking about being mean to animals because you are a fucking asshole. Chances are good that you will never be loved by a human being as much as a dog can love you!  He will put up with all your bullshit and bad habits and still think you are the closest thing to god he has ever seen. He will listen for the sound of the car door announcing your arrival at home and greet you with a wagging tail every time.

Some of the best friends I ever had were of the four legged variety. A horse will run off and leave you. Your dog will be nearby when they find your body. If we can't be kind to animals, how the hell do we expect to be kind to one another? Animals can't tell us how they feel. But they show us if we let them.


  1. I have a dog, Falcor. He's the first dog I've had as an adult. I'm more used to having rats, hamsters and mice as pets. But he's a sweet dog. We rescued him from our apartment manager when she was getting ready to move and didn't want to take him with her. We learned later that he husband had been hitting him. Pissed me off to no end to realize that. But Falcor isn't as timid or scared as he used to be.

    1. Her husband is probably hitting her too! A lot of cruelty in the world. It takes a long time to regain an animals trust after it has been abused. Glad Falcor is getting better!


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