Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday! Never thought it would get here!

Well, today is trash pickup day! I set the recycle bin out also. I don't always do it, but in the summer months I don't like to have any of that stuff sitting around. I added some water to my van battery and charged it back up, but in the desert batteries don't last. I don't trust it now, so I will go get a new one anyway. In our heat 3 years is about it for car batteries. Also I am going to go to Harbor Freight and get a couple of trickle chargers. Sometimes I don't go anywhere for a week at a time (longer occasionally). Lead acid batteries self discharge especially during the hot weather so I am going to start running a trickle charger on my van battery when it parked for an extended period. Any of you all got any thoughts on that, I would be interested in hearing them..

I realize that my blog has changed a lot in recent weeks. I am tired of the hypocrisy shown when you want to be "politically correct". I like my blog much better now that I am being honest about the issues that really bother me. Believe whatever you want to but don't count on the police to protect you, don't count on the government to help, don't count on the electric company to provide you with reliable power. Store some extra food and water for emergencies. If you have the proper training and mindset, arm yourself.

I would rather have a tool I can use than 20 extra dollars in savings earning no interest anyway. Give your situation some serious thought. Where you live is probably different from my situation. The media is keeping a lot of stuff out of the regular news. They don't want anyone being aware of just how bad it is and how much worse it could get. Take precautions, plan, give it a little thought. Got some extra food on hand. Got some extra batteries for your flashlight?

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Celebrate what freedom we still have. Remember the price some paid for our freedoms. Reminiscence  about the good old days when America actually was great! Most of all hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Life is fragile and you never know how long someone you care about will be around.

later, the rat


  1. Good advice as always Sir! My best to you & yours. Enjoy your weekend & stay cool!

    1. JL you keep being nice and respectful to me and I may put you in my will! God knows none of my own family are as nice as you! Have a fun weekend and be safe!

  2. The guy in the last paragraph is the person that keeps me following your Blog. Blog on ....

    1. thank you Dave! I get angry and frustrated like everybody else but I am not a monster. Wish you and yours the best...

  3. I bought a solar charger at harbor freight that charges at about 1.5 amps. I think 14 bucks,
    I have a old pickup that isn't driven much so it has the same problems.
    We never get the hot you do.105 or 106 is about the limit here. Edge of the
    desert. Enjoy your blog very much, just don't comment much. It's not you. I'm that way with
    every one. Mom always told me to shut up and listen and I'd learn more. Wish you and Mrs Rat
    the best and stay cool. One more thing from one old vet to another, if some one doesn't believe your service record, fuck 'em they weren't there. don't let it get to you, those
    petty assholes are not worth one second of concern.

    1. thanks for taking the time to comment brother! Yeah, I know I shouldn't let it bother me but where I come from calling a man a liar is fighting words! Hadn't thought about one of those solar chargers. good idea! thanks.....


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