Friday, June 16, 2017

Get out the Cheese- I am providing the Whine!

I posted a few songs because I didn't feel like writing. I finished my little gutter and downspout project yesterday and spent the evening with an icepack on my knee and got about half drunk so I could sleep . Hip pain was awful. It is becoming obvious that me and ladders do not get along and I am going to have to face the facts and quit trying to be a "macho man".

I suppose it is natural for all men who are getting old and have aches and pains to want to "man up" and not admit their pain. Not admit they need to slow down or in some cases quit an activity altogether. I admit I am not adjusting to these new circumstances worth a shit! I am jealous as hell of 66 year old men who are in good shape, have no major aches and pains and are still living an active life. I'll say it again-I am jealous as hell!

I won't bore you with the long list of health issues I live with and I certainly don't want to play a game of "who hurts worse".  It is difficult to deal with rude people who think that everyone is as healthy as they are and that we are  just "lazy".  Handicapped spots are for people who can't walk distances either because of some orthopedic problem or a heart or respiratory condition. When I see people park in a handicapped spot and then jump out and run into the store I can literally feel my blood pressure going up!

Never take good health for granted!

That is all for now!


  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain so often, it sucks.

    1. Nothing a few days rest won't help. thanks!


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