Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hump Day Post Written by the Mohave Rat

I'm disappointed  by  President Trump. Of course, I'm disappointed in the Congress and the Senate. None of this stuff has been good for America. Now I understand "Obama care" is a god damned monstrosity and a lot of folks can't afford it but why is it taking so long to get a fix going. People are suffering.

If they got a Republican majority why the hell ain't a bunch of stuff getting done? Now Trump pissed me off with his Paris Accord behavior. It is voluntary. We could of just done the best we can if that wasn't good enough till the rest of the world fuck you we are doing our best! Trying to have a decent conversation about any of this stuff is damned near impossible. Calling me a lame dick, pansy ass, snowflake pussy is not much of an argument. Funny but not much of an argument.

I talk about Mr. Trump's economic policies being a rerun of Reagan and not one swinging dick soul will say shit. Hell, If I am wrong tell me why I'm wrong. Explain it to me. Quote facts and figures. Not some bullshit you heard on Fox News or some stupid shit Rush Limbaugh said. Facts. Hell I'll listen. How's come jobs are still going overseas? I thought Trump was going to put a stop to that shit on day one!

I was prepared to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. I like who he mad Secretary of Defense. I like his immigration ideas. Not to keen on a big ugly wall but it ain't going to get built anyway so it don't matter. To extreme! Can't kick everyone out! Can't boycott every Arab in the world from coming here. How come nobody is giving Donald any advice. Where's all the experts that are supposed to advise the President. Donald builds hotels and golf courses. What does he know about foreign policy? Why ain't someone helping him? For that matter what does Donald know about solar power versus coal. Teach the coal miners to do something else and let's get some clean fuel going Mr. Trump.

Anybody want to offer something in the way of conversation that doesn't involve whether or not my parents were married to each other?  I am a bastard sometimes but I assure you my parents were married to each other. My father was white. My mother was white. I was born a little white baby in Ohio. We are old fashioned! ha ha ha ha ha

the rat

PS  How do you like the new format of my blog?

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