Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am a White Man. I am Proud of my Heritage!

I am not naïve or foolish enough to think that anything I say here will have a lasting impact on anyone else. Just my two cents worth is all it has ever been. Ironically, people seem to be under the impression that they must defend their beliefs against all those who have the nerve to disagree! I don't even want to argue with those people who "have hope for the future". in spite of the fact I think most of these situations are hopeless.

Our Nation ( the United States) is fragmenting into factions that won't compromise. There is nothing bipartisan about our Congress or Senate. Sides have been chosen, a distinct line drawn in the sand and everyone has pretty much decided which side they are on. Personally, I don't want to be a white minority in a country full of low riders and taco stands. Does that make me a bigot or racist. Maybe? I don't know if it does and frankly I don't care. It is true regardless.
I ancestors landed in the Virginia Colony in 1677 from England. We have been here for 340 years! We never owned slaves!

I didn't want to see my children marry black people and I didn't want half white grandbabies. If that makes me racist then I am racist. I want my grandchildren to be white like me! Thank goodness, they are! What is wrong with feeling that way? I am sure there are black grandparents out there who feel the same way. Are they prejudice for feeling that way or just me? Why does that make me a bad person in the eyes of today's liberal society? I realize that interracial marriage is becoming more commonplace but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. I must tolerate it, I don't have to condone it. There is a major difference there I think!

Succumbing to political correctness and buckling under to liberal pressure to somehow make up for the past by eliminating confederate statues and flags is not fair. You can have a Black Heritage Month celebrated in America but Southern Pride and honoring Confederate veterans is racist? NO, NO, and HELL NO! I don't object to black folks having equal rights but I got a big problem with my rights being taken away to make them happy. I am a White Man! Don't try and make me ashamed in order to punish me for history.

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