Friday, June 9, 2017

I reached my goal

I reached my goal of 600,000 views this week a full 2 months ahead of schedule. Thanks in part to posting music at regular intervals and mixing in some pictures of pretty women!

I wish to thank everyone for your continued support. I have been changing. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but I'm not so sure. I spent my life with a live and let live attitude. I pretty much accepted anything so long as it didn't directly affect me without calling bullshit. If it seemed like commonsense and half way reasonable I was fine with it.

Well, it turns out that while I was not paying attention the whiners and the lazy good for nothing bums kept asking for more and more. The refugees came here and got treated better than the veterans. Suddenly the gay folks can get married. Sorry, a household ain't supposed to have two husbands in it. Call me old fashioned. Don't even get me started with all this gender confusion and bathroom nonsense. You got a pecker, you are a guy! Simple.....

Apparently black people are perfect and never commit a crime. If their black ass is in jail it is because some prejudiced white legal system framed them because of racial profiling. I'm sorry, black folks but some of you are guilty as hell! Admit it! None of those people who got shot would have got shot if they were in class or at work instead of wandering around the streets looking for trouble.

You act like a hoodlum you are going to attract the attention of the police. (True for whites as well). You dress like a gangsta, guess what? You ain't a millionaire rapper. Your black ass will get shot if you start some shit! That's not prejudice on my part, just common sense advice! The police lie, they have guns, they can shoot you and probably get away with it, hell, I'm scared of them and I am an old white guy!

Any damned fool who thinks Trump is going to fix everything is as stupid as those folks who thought Obama would. The rich got things just the way they want them and poor folks don't matter. People keep believing that the Republicans or the Democrats are going to fix everything. They have had ample opportunity and they haven't so far. The rich rule! Don't think any different for a second. They bought the government and the Congressman and Senators are paid whores and will do what their owners want. What few honest people in government have not power. They learn that pretty quickly.
They eventually sell their souls or get out and go about their lives.

Most of all I am entitled to my opinion and I don't give a god damn if any of you agree with me or not! It's just a blog and it doesn't matter anyway. Quit expecting someone to fix your life and take responsibility for yourself.

Anyway, thanks for following my blog! I really do appreciate it!

the rat

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