Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make America Great Again-Deport the Wetbacks!

NO one likes to comment when I rant about civil unrest, racial inequality, stinking wetbacks etc. Not politically correct enough for you! or maybe it disrupts your fantasy that everything is OK!

We have raised a generation of stupid pussies!

The country is swarming with dirty, nasty, dishonest, savages from South of the Border and all the liberals want to make them out to be the "Poor downtrodden" when in reality they are dangerous predatory border trash.

What about Kate Steinle who was shot and killed by Francisco Sanchez an "undocumented worker" a.k.a. Fucking Wetback who had already been deported 5 times and had 7 felony convictions! Now the ACLU is opposing legislation that would close loopholes in our current laws that allow these killers to remain here protected by the constitution.  The ACLU has been quoted as saying" the true intent of these bills is to empower Trump's deportation force and anti-immigrant agenda."

She was (allegedly) shot in the back by this wetback- Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez. He was free to walk the streets because of San Francisco's "sanctuary city" policy.

Notice the terminology "anti-immigrant". No, illegal alien agenda would be a more correct statement. What ever happened to LAW! Some of you may accuse me of being Prejudice! Fuck yes! I'm prejudice. Criminals, rapists and murderers are being protected by stupid liberals while Americans are getting killed, raped, robed, intimidated by these low life pieces of shit. Liberal idiots from Maine get on the internet and talk about immigration. I got wetbacks out my living room window! Who is more qualified to weigh in on the issue?

Sanctuary cities, being denied due process, being denied their 4th amendment rights etc? Are you fucking kidding me? They are here killing people! That is not Trump's imagination, it is true! What about Kate Steinle's right to live her life. Does the god damned ACLU care about her rights? Legislation to fix some of these issues is before Congress. As usual the democrats care more about the wetbacks than they do Americans and are opposing it!

the rat-


  1. I have no problem deporting those that are here illegally and there seem to be so many of them. I actually had a neighbor whom I barely knew and who could barely speak english come to me a few years ago and ask me to write a letter for her and her kid that was going to go to the state. She had one printed up already and just wanted me to write it out and sign it. It said something to the effect of that I was a neighbor of an illegal citizen and didn't think that people who re here illegally and have jobs and family should be deported. I wouldn't sign it for her and about a year later her grown daughter and granddaughter who were also here illegally were deported. I could not believe she went around asking everyone to sign this petition when she never talked to any of us before.

    1. She wouldn't do anything for you unless you paid her! Good for you! If one law is not enforced then what's the argument for obeying any of them?


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