Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Morning Report!

Hey Guys!

I haven't gotten to much more accomplished on my gutter and downspout project. The Mrs. had 3 doctor appointments last week. 2 for the dentist and 1 checkup with her heart doctor. I stopped and got eggs and bread at the local supermarket. Sat down to rest at a slot machine (video poker) hit it for 250 bucks! Four deuces!!!!!!!!! I love living in Nevada. You can go to the market to pick up a few things and walk out with free groceries and an extra  couple of hundred bucks in your pocket!

Haven't talked about Grayson in awhile. He is doing good and has finally made himself at home. He wanders all over the house and explores the closets, goes in the bathrooms, looks behind the shower curtains and satisfies his curiosity. He has gotten used to our coming and going and our weird, retired old people schedule and doesn't get excited any more when we are gone for a few hours. He sits on the coach and watches television while we are gone! Yes. we leave the TV on for him! ha ha ha

I am feeling pretty good. My knees and hip give me the most trouble but I am using my mobility scooter more and more and that helps. I have given up driving myself to appointments out of town. I use the DAV van program. What a benefit. I am lucky to live where I do!

anyway, that's what's going on with me.

the rat.


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    1. I usually buy silver coins for my collection with my winnings!


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