Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday night Second Post-Disgusted, discouraged, and depressed!

Well, readership is down to where it was when I started this blog 6 years ago. I don't know if it is the content that suddenly has turned everyone off or the fact I have ran off a few mentally ill whiners who react poorly to disagreement. If I have to candy coat everything I say in order to not damage your withered ego then I wish you would just leave or die. Good bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass. At no time in the last 6 years have I suggested I am running a fucking support group!

I could sit down at the table and eat a big, delicious meal while surrounded by crying,  starving children. I have been telling you people for years that I am not a nice person. Humanity has never been nice to me and see absolutely no reason to be nice to it. Sure, I have encountered some "tolerable" people along the way but let's be honest for a minute: how many people do you know personally that are worth a shit? Cross them one time and watch the fangs appear! That Chamber of Commerce smile is concealing a cold blooded predator!

Everyone wants to argue. Hell, sometimes they don't wait for you to finish your sentence before they start their counter argument. Now if they had a good argument to present that would be one thing. But the majority of the time they just mouth off what they have heard someplace else instead of actually giving it any real thought. They are to lazy to research a topic and substantiate the claims presented. They believe everything they are told like it was written on stone tablets. Naïve? I prefer the word STUPID!

Well, for those who have shown this blog loyalty these past few years my heartfelt thanks! For the rest of you ......


  1. It's your blog and you have the write to say what you want. I post a comment on blogs when I have something to say or there's a topic I agree with. I don't usually pot a comment if I don't have something to add to the conversation. I don't like to argue, unless it's something I'm passionate about and I don't like drama. People today especially the younger 20 something people seem to thrive on drama and arguments and I'm just too old and depressed to give a damn most days. Most people aren't worth a shit. I agree. I'm jaded because like you, I've seen the worst in people it seems.

    1. thank you Mary. I have seen the worst in humanity and it has had a permanent effect on my attitude I fear. I just can't sugar coat the ugliness. I appreciate you. thanks......


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