Friday, June 2, 2017

Musical tribute to our Fearless Leader continues

People who have followed my blog for a long time know I don't ordinarily agree with not respecting the President regardless of who it is. But this guy has shown no respect for anything since becoming President. He thinks everything is some shady deal like he is used to. He know nothing about foreign policy, has gone out of his way to insult our allies, and embarrass us all over the world. I can't sit back and not say anything after this idiot pulled up out of the Paris Accord for climate change. He proved what his real agenda is and who he really works for. The polluters are getting their way. I am disgusted, can you tell. He has embarrassed the American People. So I see no reason to not exercise my right to free speech and use my blog to show my contempt for this man and his policies.........

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