Thursday, June 8, 2017

PIssed off Yet? I keep trying.......

Before all my conservative friends get their panties in a bunch and quit my blog hear me out! If Trump was for the working class white man I would defend him everyday. But he doesn't care about poor white men. Just the rich bastards. Don't kid yourself. Deregulation and Reagan size tax cuts for the rich is the agenda. Hell, your taxes are going up! You see any thing being done about the jobs going overseas? No! He couldn't undue 50 years of being sold out in 4 years if he wanted too.

You see Republicans fixing fucking Obama Care so the people who need it can afford it? No! Got to figure out a way to give the maximum amount of money to the insurance companies without it being to obvious! No one wants to have a decent conversation about this! Hell, quit if you want too! Maybe you can't tell from my new format but I really don't give a fuck anymore! I tiptoed around for 5 years and put up with the morons from Canada mouthing off about MY country like it was theirs and I got sick of it.

This is my country. I love it. I am worried about it. Donald Trump is going to make it great for the rich people. He is going to screw the rest of us and most of you are to stupid to see it coming. Let me ask you this? When's the last time a rich person gave a god damn about you?  Think about it!!!!!!Hell, Bernie cared about the little guy but all of you were afraid of the Jew Socialist. So what did you do instead, put a billionaire egomaniac in the White House and let him hand pick a cabinet of rich greedy imbeciles to run all the various departments.

Half of those ignorant mother fuckers didn't have a clue what their new job entailed. Ben Carson can't stay awake long enough to run Social Security. Rick Perry is to dumb to run the Department of Energy. I read where they are sending that dumbass to China to defend the withdrawal  from the Paris Accord. Notice we are explaining it to the Chinese. Why? Since when do we care what the Chinese think?

Ok hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. Yea Rat, let 'er rip! Deciding to not give a fuck is a good move for you, I believe. But only 'cuz I KNOW you DO give a fuck about the things that actually matter. Dig the new look of the page too.

    And what a great parody - a nice dash of humour but those boys ain't lyin'.

    1. JL I am reminded of the Waylon Jennings song "I'm so tired of it all". If I am going to blog I am going to be honest and if that pisses off a few fanatics so be it. I don't have the answers but I know that neither do the fanatics whether they are extreme left or extreme right, they are extreme and that is almost always wrong. Somewhere in the middle is the common sense and the truth usually. Yeah I care about the important issues. Caring and 5 bucks will get me a Starbucks!

  2. Don't misunderstand; when I said caring about the stuff that matters, I wasn't talking about "the issues". I mean the stuff that is real and lasting - honor...honesty...being a decent human...a caring spouse. You can't tell me you don't still believe in that stuff even if it's as rare as a hen's teeth nowadays.

    You got a good soul on ya Rat, don't let the interweb fuckwits let you forget it!

    1. Yes! honor, integrity, courage. I live by those things even if most don't. I am proud to know you JL. I think we share the same values.


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