Sunday, June 4, 2017

real post

I been busy! The swamp cooler motor spit sparks at me and I decided it was time for a new one. I  got it on Tuesday. Came home and cut the hole bigger and put it in on Wednesday and got the trim done on the inside Thursday. Outside trim was Friday.

My shop is cool again! Now I can go back to my gutters and down spouts. I haven't figured out this retirement stuff yet! I work one hour and rest for 4 hours but I eventually get it down. Anyway, the cooler is installed and it drops the temp 20 degrees in dry weather. It is a great fan when the humidity is high.

NO pictures but I'll get around to it some day.

Anyway I am working on several projects and I will tell you about them when I get ahead a little. It got hot fast! 109 on the 2nd of June is not normal temps. Global warming I guess. Did I mention Trump is an idiot. A pompous ass with a big ego who will never admit when he is wrong. Talks out his ass like it is carved on stone tablets from God Almighty! Pompous asshole!



  1. Trump is an embarrassment.
    It was 88 here, humidity at 13%. I had my cooler running in the basement. It has a humidifier on it, nice feature when you have kids prone to nosebleeds.
    Music posts are real :)

    1. It is so dry here I sometimes use saline solution nose spray to combat nose bleeds. I can program 10 hours of music in just a few minutes and then go away and do stuff so it works out. People stay interested in my blog and I get time off! thanks for stopping by!


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