Saturday, June 24, 2017

Story Time #4. Last One for Awhile....

Jason Savage had made a career out of kicking over rocks and peering into dark places. He had gone from assistant district attorney, to district attorney to Governor to Congressman to Senator in record time. His campaigns were hokey but effective. He would wear bib overalls and carry a shovel and always end his speeches with "I'll dig up the truth!" or "I'll find out where they buried the secrets".

For some reason he decided to turn his attention to the missing money in the federal budget. This led him to the secret side of things-National Defense. He found out that billions of dollars each year went into a one line appropriation called Lab 30. He became obsessed in finding out what Lab 30 was, what they did there and why it cost billions of dollars.

Everyone else in the Federal government would just look at him with a blank stare whenever he brought it up and he became the laughingstock of the Senate with his wild theories. Everything from genetic modification to human/alien hybrid experimentation. The more he was ridiculed the more determined he was to "dig up" the truth!

The world had changed for the better in the last 25 years since the end of the Mexican Border Wall War. The world had become relatively peaceful and prosperous. Science had provided what prayer and wishful thinking had failed to produce. Cures for disease, plenty of food, clean and abundant water. The deserts had become bread baskets producing more food that the 40 billion inhabitants of our planet could eat. Everyone had a job, a purpose, felt like they belonged and were part of something grand and noble.

So one fine spring day when Senator Savage was summoned to the White House for a meeting with President Mohammed Smith he felt both honored and curious at the same time! He was shown into the Oval Office and President Smith was standing there smiling and reaching out to shake hands. He was an unusually tall man, close to 6ft 8inches. He was very brown and had piercing gold flake eyes! His voice had a hypnotic quality and instantly made you relax. His white hair was in contrast to his dark tan and his background was as a scientist before running for office.

The President said, " The reason I have called you in is to tell you this nonsense about Lab 30 has to stop. It is a matter of National Security and you are jeopardizing several important programs with your inquiries." Senator Savage responded, " then just tell me what it is all about and I'll forget all about it" The President answered , " I'm sorry, but you don't need that information. Would you just stop your inquiries because I ask you too!?" "No! Mr. President. I won't." he said defiantly." The people have a right to know the truth. I have always dug up the truth!"

The President walked back behind his desk and pressed a button on the side. Two secret service agents entered the Oval office quietly and stood at the door. "I'm sorry to hear that Senator Savage"  The modulation of his voice changed. His eyes became swirling pools. Suddenly the Senator couldn't move. He sat frozen in his chair. He felt a strange sensation. The President said," the world has prospered because of Lab 30. War is almost a thing of the past. The planet is productive. People are contented." They don't need to know the truth, it would only complicate things. "I'm sorry you wouldn't listen to reason. Your family will be taken care of , I assure you. You see Senator, I am from Lab 30. All over the world Lab 30 offspring are at work making the planet better. "

That night the CBS evening news said that Senator Jason Savage had died of a heart attack while visiting the White House. The President offered the Senator's family the condolences and thanks of the Nation for his service to his country. President Smith spoke at his funeral.


  1. Rod Serling would have loved to have you as a writer for his show.

    1. thanks Barney, I'm glad you like my little stories.


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