Sunday, June 25, 2017

sunday rant part 2

I don't know why I bother. Been hot now for over a week and got a few more days to go before this "heat wave" goes away and we are back to nice normal 110 degree days! Really, 110 ain't bad compared to 124! Late afternoons it starts going back down and by dark it is only in the high 90's! Usually got a cool breeze by then as well.

Of course, July is when it is supposed to be hot here so I guess we will wait and see. Global warming? climate change? Who knows! I wasn't around 200 years ago so I don't know if this is a normal cycle or not but it is getting hotter than it used to and that's a fact for sure and for certain. Lake Tahoe got 4 inches higher from the snow melt and they had to drain some extra water into the Truckee river. Hell, I don't remember the last time that happened! They have done it several times this year already!

Of course, no one notices any of this except us older folks. Everyone got their head buried in their telephone. I remember when you could go to the store without your phone. You could find it, park, go inside, buy stuff, get back home, unload, put everything away without talking on the god damned phone. It was peaceful. Driving was safer. People were paying fucking attention to what they were doing. If some idiot ever hits me driving while talking on the phone I swear I am going to stuck it up their ass so deep, it will take a team of asshole surgeons all day to retrieve the damn thing! It will probably be the longest he has gone in awhile without playing with the damn thing!

Hell! Look at me. I spend way to much time on the damned computer. Television ain't worth a damn anymore. I don't want to watch men kiss each other, I don't want to see white women with black men, I don't like seeing white men portrayed as limp wristed little pussies. I would like to see a program where you ask a girl what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is "I want to be a wife , a mother and a home maker!" Of course, that ain't going to happen because girls  are being taught to behave like  men since the men are being turned into pussies.

Used to be a girl had a baby doll and a tea set, and the boy had a gun and a toy truck! Gender wasn't confusing. Everyone knew what they were. What the hell happened to this country?


  1. I'm 47 and I've never had a cell phone. Don't want one or need one. I have a landline phone and if someone wants to get a hold of me they can leave a message and I'll call them back if I want to talk to them. I wish getting a cell phone jammer was legal here because I would get one, put it in my purse, get on a packed bus and watch as all hell broke loose when people couldn't use their phones. Could you imagine how many people would freak out?

    1. I've had a land line phone since I bought the house that is used for the Mrs. heart device telemetry being sent off to the big mother ship in the sky or whatever. I have never had a conversation on it. Since the Mrs. has health problems I have two cell phones so she and I can stay in constant touch. Sometimes she will call me in a store to come lift something down for her!She is only 4ft 10 inches tall!. ha ha


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