Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Sky is falling but is has nothing to do with Armageddon. A RANT!

Yes! indeed. We are on the edge of the abyss for certain. But don't blame the devil or his minions. YOU are to blame if you believe in the Anti-Christ and all that nonsense. You are contributing to a self filling prophecy and you are to stupid and to fanatical to even realize it.

You won't take responsibility for your own actions. You believe insane nonsense because someone told you to and you are to lazy and to dumb to look up the facts, to read, to study, to educate yourself and find out the truth. Better to just swallow a fantasy hook line and sinker than sprain that pathetic little brain of yours trying to think!

You think Trump and all those bought and paid for whores in Congress are going to fix everything. Hell, who do you think made all the jobs go overseas to start with? Who sits back knowing full well that the Federal Reserve Bank is evil and says nothing. Charging long term interest on "Paper". Why doesn't the US make it's own money for free? Don't think! it might give you a headache.

Who sits back and manipulates the media and television and movies into brainwashing Americans. Whites are all racist. You want your beautiful blonde daughter to marry some big black man so you can have a bunch of little brown kinky haired grandchildren instead of some white babies. Can't say that real loud, wouldn't want to be accused of being racist. So afraid of what people think you accept any kind of perverted shit the television tells you to embrace. If you admit you would rather have white grand babies you are racist! If that is the definition you are going to use, then I am a racist and I intend to stay a racist. So there! I got nothing against black people. I just don't want my daughter to marry one!

Do you really need a holy book to tell you that men ain't supposed to grow tits, cut off their dicks and start wearing dresses because "they've always known they were different" Really? Not only do we have to accept it we have to build them their own restrooms when they go out in public! Yea! It's all going down the drain for sure. Because you ain't got the balls to stand up and say "This is Wrong" "This is some sick, perverted nonsense and I don't agree with it" "I don't have to accept it"

When did it become so bad to have your own opinion. Why can't we disagree any more. What happened to freedom. We are being told what to accept, what to think. That ain't freedom! Put a bullet in the television if you can't manage to change the channel!


  1. Political correctness is like a Serpent eating it's own tail.
    It's out of control crazeee!!!!

    1. It damn sure is crazy for sure. People can't find their own ass cheeks without asking their telephone for directions!


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