Thursday, June 8, 2017

They Fought For You and Me!

If I ever see someone burn an American Flag I am going to jail! I will whip that little son of a bitches ass or get my ass beat trying! To much pain and death and blood and heartache has been given for this great Nation to stand by idly while some spoiled punk who thinks he is special disrespects my flag. I am sick and tired of the liberal bullshit. I am sick and tired of the "bathroom" debate. There are only two kinds of animals. Male and Female. We only need two kinds of restrooms. I am sick of the bullshit. We are watching while our great country goes down the drain and our kids are to busy playing video games to notice and to god damned spoiled to care.

I am a White Man and I am proud of what my race has achieved. I am tired of apologizing like it is wrong of me to be proud. Like it makes me racist! If I am racist it is because of the black and Hispanic behavior towards me , all whites and my wonderful country. About god damned time someone said it.

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