Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday 3:38 PM

Whenever I see a flower growing up through a small crack in the concrete I am filled with a moment of indescribable  happiness. While all the ego driven insanity is taking place all around us, this small living thing is reaching for the light! It is being true to itself and doing what it was created to do. No apology, no philosophy, no long winded explanation. Just sitting there quietly seeking the sun.

The comedian George Carlin once described it as "fucking heroic". I think so. Against all odds, win or lose, it tries. In the final analysis, that is all any of us can do.

the rat


  1. I too feel a sense of happiness at a flier growing in a difficult place, I feel a sort of kinship with it. Others have said over the past free days about you seeming to be in a dark place. I can truly understand that mindset, having been there myself on several occasions. I keep on going because I feel it is important to do so, and I keep in mind things can and do get less dark, eventually.... Even when it seems they will not. So I hope the idea of eventual brightness helps you to keep going on, sir.

    I had not commented in a while, because I did not have much to comment on while you were mainly posting song links. I am not saying that was bad for you to do. I just meant that for me, I fin it more valuable to learn and understand what you are thinking, rather than listen to a song. The songs of course had meaning for you, so they were good to post, but were too difficult for me to equate with your own ideas, so sorry I was away for a while.

    1. It is good to see you here Professor. I appreciate your comments. I feel that blogging about pain and loss and betrayal finds a special audience. People who suffer are in touch with reality like few others. It is both a curse and a blessing I suppose. Most people choose to live with the lie rather than face the horrible truth. Sorry to be so Nihilist in my response.


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