Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday June 6th Post by Me!

Well, I just noticed that I have lost 3 followers! At first I thought it was because of my Trump comments but then I realized that at least one was a half bald old crone and her anorexic little Greek boy who I had the nerve to disagree with! After going out of my way to be nice, this is the thanks I get. One disagreement and I am thrown out with the trash. Both  the "Lady" and the "Dark Elf" can both get in line to kiss my ass! Couldn't have an adult discussion, no, had to be childish and chicken shit about it and I have had enough hypocritical bullshit nonsense! You call yourselves Pagan and don't give a god damn about the Earth. Hypocrites!

Moving on to more pleasant topics. I am making tediously slow progress on my latest project ( the gutter and downspout) around back. The ladder beat my ass and my knees are swollen up about twice normal size! That plus the fact it has been 109 and above for a week hasn't helped. Today was cooler by a few degrees but not enough to notice.

I am going to add some features to my blog. I have been thinking about it for awhile now and have decided to add some of my favorite conspiracies into the mix. I think the Kennedy assassination was a grassy knoll shooter for example, the twin towers were imploded, the country is really ran by a shadow government controlled by the International Bankers, and chemtrails are pumping crap into the air for us to breathe, eat and drink! Just because it sounds crazy doesn't mean it ain't true!

Before I go, I think Trump is an egotistical , half senile, pervert and he fooled the majority of the country into voting for him. It is becoming obvious as each day passes he doesn't know what the hell he is doing and frankly, it will take years to undo the damage he has done already. That's my opinion and you are not required to agree with it. Jobs are important but so is breathing!


  1. Every time Trump does something new I just shake my head. He really has no idea what he's doing. Sorry to hear about your knee's.

  2. Hey buddy, don't worry about the slow progress, if you accomplish one thing it's more than you had yesterday. You know, the whole "easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time" kinda thing.

    And for your knees, you might consider this stuff: Dr Christopher's Formula Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment. I heard good things about it from several people, saw a lot of good reviews on it and bought a jar for my wife who suffers greatly from bad knees (despite several surgeries). She's only been using it a short while, so I can't say as many great things about it as some others have, but there is a VISIBLE difference in the chronic swelling she has. Its a natural product, not too pricey...might be worth a shot.
    Best wishes to you, hoping you get a speedy recovery!


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