Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday evening -RANT!

I can't seem to find a place to fit in that feels right. I know what I believe but I don't want to be a god damned fanatic about it. I am against anything "mandatory". I don't care what it is. If it is a good idea people should do be willing to do  it voluntarily because it is a good thing. Things that are "mandatory" are usually being forced on people against their will. Like Obama care for instance. I don't want to see anyone die from lack of health care and Obama care is an awful piece of legislation to be sure but I haven't seen a fix yet. I do know that forcing people to have it when they don't want it don't sound like freedom to me.

I think rich people should pay more taxes. Lots more taxes. They are the richest they have ever been in history. They don't need any fucking more tax breaks. Make them pay through the nose and take some of the strain off the middle class-what's left of it. NO more welfare for the poor down trodden ghetto negro.  I'm talking about welfare for able bodied , third generation blacks who spend their days on the corner drinking out of a 40 ounce while playing with their dick. Pull your god damn pants up and go get a job. Here's a thought. Learn to read and write and speak so people can understand you!
IF Oprah can become a billionaire , you got no more excuses. You are lazy and ignorant!

If the police shoot you-tough shit! You probably have it coming. If not right then, for something you got away with. When in doubt-bang! bang! They ought to take that liberal judge who awarded that money to the family of that dead thug and hang his liberal ass. The black bastard intimidated the store owner, was high and it was on tape. He shop lifted and just strutted his big ass out like King Shit. Well guess what King Shit, you weren't bullet proof were you mother fucker?

Guess what liberals! Sometimes blacks are actually guilty and "Undocumented" means Criminal!

If you are here illegally you shouldn't be able to get food stamps and Medicaid. Die! or go back home whatever. NO more rewarding anyone for successfully sneaking in to this country and managing to stay. All the kids born to illegals should be illegal too! No citizenship for making it across the river in the dark! If that seems harsh guess what?  I have reached the point I don't care! My country is going to hell while these bastards stand around complaining about their god damned rights. You don't have any god damned rights! Problem solved........

I read where the Academy awards are so proud they got more black members. Do we have to give Denzel a fucking Oscar every time he makes a movie? Ain't 15 million dollars good enough we got to give him an award too! Hell, Sam Jackson deserves one and that poor mother fucker can't get a nomination!

Well, the battery in my van died so I got to go see what the hell the deal is with that.


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