Monday, June 26, 2017

Who is going to fill our shoes?

I have written posts like this before but I was intimidated and didn't really cut loose with my honest views. Now I don't know if there is some world wide conspiracy to weaken humanity so they are more easily controlled or it is just the end result of to much liberalism. Not everything is acceptable. I'll repeat that. Not everything is acceptable. Some things are just plain wrong. Always have been and more than likely always will be.

Now I don't want to hurt anyone but I will not stand by quietly while some "gay" agenda turns all the young boys of our country into sissies! Where the hell are the fathers? Who is teaching these boys how to be men? Now that doesn't mean everyone has to hunt fish and love Nascar but boys are supposed to grow into men who in turn want women! Girls are supposed to grow up and become young ladies who want respected and treated like ladies but also are courted for marriage. Old fashioned? Yes! but it worked for thousands of years. Losing your sexual identity is not progress. It is the potential end of the human race!

You are born with a set of sex organs that are half of the necessary equipment to make your replacements. If your sex organs are used correctly the human race continues. If you are busy sitting around questioning what you are because you are surrounded with this liberal insanity that teaches all this male/female stuff is just antiquated stereotypes then you have betrayed your ancestors who were counting on you to reproduce and you have betrayed your very DNA!

Now it is a paradox that intelligent people breed less offspring than ignorant people. You would think they would be concerned with improving the gene pool with their super smart DNA. This is not the case apparently. They are to busy reading and filling their minds with complete crap! Yes, complete crap. Existentialism is a fine topic for a coffee shop but it don't put beans on the supper table! Intelligent people are ignoring the basics! A special kind of retardation if you ask me.

I have heard liberalism referred to as a disease. I always thought that was unfair. But someone has to stand up and say "this is wrong" "you have gone to far". People have to learn to give their ideas the litmus test of common decency.  We are raising a generation of extremely confused people who are lost and seeking their way. Religions judge and condemn and criticize. That won't help. Who is teaching the next generation about human ideals: respect, honor, sacrifice, hard work, generosity and a whole bunch more!

We can kill civilization in less than 100 years. All you have to do is NOTHING!

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