Thursday, June 8, 2017

You want a Race War! Keep it up!

If you don't think Black Lives Matter now, just wait! There is going to be a race war if people don't start treating each other with a little respect! These two trouble making bitches need their ass whipped for standing on our countries flag. NO respect for the men and women who died for them or this country. Try doing that shit in Russia with a Russian flag bitch and you will see what that American flag stands for pretty damned quick! Abusing your freedom is not legitimate protest! It is anarchy........


  1. It's like the younger generation just doesn't understand what they do is so disrespectful. Kids, teens and millennials have a different mindset than I did when I was a teen. I was taught to respect the flag, police, elders and teachers. Today's kids are not taught any of that and it really shows.

    1. I just can't believe the way things are now! Our country is going down the drain and no one seems to notice. If the next two generations don't care then all is lost. Glad I'll be dead and won't be around to see what this nation has become.


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